3 Puzzle Gift Set Soma
3 Puzzle Gift Set Soma
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Will I receive my puzzles by Christmas?

On average packages sent in the U.S. take 3-6 business days to arrive. Due to the increased shipping volume through the postal service packages may take longer than expected. The United States Postal Service's cut off date for Christmas delievery is December 20, 2018. Please order by midnight on the 20th to make the USPS deadline. The Shipping and Polices page provides more information.

If you are ordering internationally we have no estimate on shipping time. Often customs will hold your package for an undetermined period. Please order well in advance.

Can I have my puzzles shipped to someone else or an alternate address?

Yes. During checkout you'll have the option to edit your shipping address. At that point you can choose a different shipping address or recipient.

Why is there a dollar in some photographs?

The dollar is just there as a size frame of reference. Sorry, you don't get a dollar with the puzzle.

What do you recommend for ____ ?

We're glad you asked! Puzzles are our business, and whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, PAX Puzzle has you covered. We have spent a great deal of time sorting puzzles to help our customers find the products they are looking for. Click on the categories on the left to browse our full selection.

You can also shop wood puzzles by difficulty or by price.
Finally, you can shop wood puzzles by suggested catagories:

Can you explain more about difficulty levels?
Level 1: Easy
Level 2: Moderate
Level 3: Intermediate
Level 4: Difficult
Level 5: Very Difficult
Difficulty levels provide a general estimation of the difficulty of a given puzzle. Keep in mind that the difficulty of a particular puzzle may vary from person to person, we've heard people say they solved a Level 5 puzzle but remain stumped by a Level 3.
None of our products are intended for children under age 8 and we do not generally recommend that Level 4 or 5 puzzles be given to children under 12 years of age due to the complexity of these puzzles. People often describe Level 2 puzzles as "fun", most are solved rather quickly, but then there is great amusement to be had in watching friends and family try to solve them once you know the secret. There is a wealth of excellent puzzles for teens and adults at Level 3, with harder challenges at Level 4. Some of the Level 5 puzzles are absolute brain melters even for an experienced puzzler.

What is your most difficult puzzle?

Looking for a real challenge?

Check out the 18pc Burr 6x6x6 and the Dragon Burr, or any of the Legned Puzzles.
In general, the most difficult puzzles can be found in the Level 5 Puzzle section.

I'm an Educator, what do you recommend for use with students?

Brain teasers are excellent tools for teaching spatial and critical thinking skills while being very high interest for students. Education can be achieved with all manner of puzzles. All puzzles have a lesson to teach whether it's patience, teambuilding or how centrifugal force works. We strongly recommend looking at the challenge level and matching it to your students' capabilities.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders, just contact us.

Can you engrave my company's logo on the puzzles?

Yes! Please call us at 360-628-8366. With no set-up fees and low minimums, PAX Puzzles make for unique and impressive corporate gifts or employee recognition trophies.

Are solutions included?

Printed solutions are included with every product we sell with the exception of Twist & Shout.

What does the packaging look like?

In general, our wood puzzles and games are not individually boxed outside of the box they are shipped to you in. The Rope puzzles, some Metal puzzles, Legends puzzles, and some of the board games are individually boxed.

I'm going on a long plane trip/cruise ship/bus ride, etc. What do you recommend?

Your best bets would be either Great Escape or Golf Hole in One as each provide long puzzle times while being very portable. Another good choice would be Twist & Shout.

I saw a similar puzzle at ________, why aren't they the same size/color/price?

With a handcrafted products such as wood puzzles and brainteasers, it can be difficult to “compare apples to apples”. The quality of puzzles carried by PAX Puzzle are many times a step or two above similar puzzles. Even products that appear the same may be produced by different craftsmen and women. By buying from PAX Puzzle you can be assured of the quality and fit that we require of our manufacturers.
This is my first time buying brain teasers, what do you suggest?
This is a tough one to answer, because people's tastes are so different. What looks to good to you? We often suggest an excellent puzzle with long "replay" value such as a Soma Cube, or a classic like the Snake or Dice Cube Challenge. You might consider purchasing some products with varying difficulty levels on your first order. Just be careful, brain teasers can be addictive!
What are the staff's favorites?
Now this is a Level 5 question! Some staff favorites include Haselgrove Box, Money Puzzle (for gifts), The Shipper's Dilemma, and the Rocketship. Oh, and the metal puzzles and the Japanese puzzle boxes. It is so hard to choose, we would like to take them all home with us.

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