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Legends Puzzle 6. Carta Blanca $34.95  
Legends Puzzle 6. Carta Blanca
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Legends Puzzle 6. Carta Blanca

Product Description

With the Legends Puzzle Set you won't only be solving high-quality wood puzzles, you will also be deciphering clues and solving riddles. The great thing about this set is that all the puzzles are connected to each other, you start with Davinci's Secret, which leads you to the next puzzle and so on. You will be breaking codes, solving clues, finding hidden scrolls, and much more. The Legend's Puzzles can be very difficult, we recommend this set for adults with excellent reasoning and critical thinking skills.

This would make an impressive gift for someone, or the ultimate challenge for yourself. We have heard that when worked on part-time this set of five mysteries can take a half to full year to get through!

Davinci's Secret - The Clue

Break the codes which will help recover the Secret Scroll that is entombed within DaVinci's greatest mystery, unearthing the clues to Puzzle 2...'The Equation™'. Includes: 1 wooden puzzle, 1 secret scroll, instructions.

The Equation

Establish a base by arranging the wooden puzzle pieces within the boundaries. Follow by engaging a piece of DaVinci's Secret™ to decipher the scientist's formulas which must precede Puzzle 3... 'Legend of the King™'.

Legend of the King

With fragments bestowed by 'The Equation™', join the quest to liberate the legendary scroll which in turn will extricate the guide to exploring Puzzle 4...'The Enigmatic Temple™'.

The Enigmatic Temple

According to "Legend", there is but one way to explore this sacred site. Sequestered within the temple walls are blueprints needed to interpret the mystic 'Pillars of Atlantis™'.

Pillars of Atlantis

Divide and align these fallen pillars for guidance towards 'Carta Blanca™'. Plans to rebuild are at hand, yet no part of 'The Enigmatic Temple™' can reconstruct the entity.

Carta Blanca

Map your points carefully to expose 'Carta Blanca™'s mysterious hidden clues as these determining details will sustain you on your final approach to uncovering the greatest mystery of all.

Difficulty Level: 3-5 about difficulty

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