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Dragon Egg Trick Ball Puzzle
Date Added: Saturday 08 November, 2014 : Level 2
The Dragon's egg is a beautifully polished two piece wooden puzzle ball that is about the size of a baseball. The object is to separate it into two pieces, but it may not be as easy as it seems. If you know the trick you can open this brain bender in front of people without them catching the secret move. This brain teaser is a terrific desk, coffee table, or waiting room puzzle. Everybody will want to try to solving this wooden puzzle ball. Many will try. Few will succeed. Puzzle Name: Dragon's Egg Difficulty Level: 2 about difficulty ...

Color Match Tiles 8 Puzzle
Date Added: Saturday 08 November, 2014 : Level 4
The Color Match Tiles 8 puzzle is quite popular, despite its difficulty. The object is to place the wooden blocks into the slots on the board in such a way that the colors on all adjacent sides and corners match. This is a far more difficult puzzle than most would expect! There are only eight tiles, but those tiles have many possible locations on the board. This brain teaser also comes with an attractive wood cover. Puzzle Name: Color Match Tiles Difficulty Level: 4 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 about sizes ...

Wine Bottle Lock Down String Puzzle
Date Added: Saturday 08 November, 2014 : Level 3
This classic string puzzle will securely "lock" a wine bottle or similar bottle into place so that it cannot be opened until you solve the puzzle. We recommend trying to solve this one before you start drinking! Excellent price for a high quality unit. Knowing that most people will buy this to put a gift bottle in or to place on their home bar with a bottle, there are very clear instructions included on how to get the bottle in place. Note that you can use bottles of various heights and that the string is easily adjusted to accommodate any bottle that will fit in the base. Puzzle Name: Wine Lock Down Difficulty Level: 3 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4 x 4 x adjustable height, interior dimension fits to a wine bottle or similar, approx 3.5" We all have a...

Ramu Octahedron
Date Added: Saturday 08 November, 2014 : Level 5
Our most difficult puzzle with eight complex pieces and two wood marbles on the inside of the puzzle. It was named after its creator, Ramu Kaminoff and is extraordinarily challenging. Even the disassembly will be beyond the capability of most puzzlers. It is a sequential locking cube that has the compounded impact of the internal marbles preventing disassembly until maneuvered properly. Previously, despite sales of the Ramu, no one had claimed to have solved it without the use of the instructions. That changed on April 21, 2009 when PAX Puzzle was made aware of a customer that managed to solve the puzzle. His name is Clive Tooth and he is a resident of Reading in the United Kingdom who lists his interests as computer programming and mathematics. In June 2009 Michael Brown, a...

Koyosegi 4 Sun 7 Step Japanese Puzzle Box
Date Added: Wednesday 05 November, 2014 :
Koyosegi 4 Sun 7 Step Puzzle Box This beautifully handcrafted puzzle box is approximately 4.7" x 3.25" x 2.2". It's a wonderful gift and fun to solve a piece of art. About Puzzle Boxes: Not just puzzles, these trick boxes are works of art created by a small group of master craftsmen in the Hakone-Odawara region of Japan. Once you start to study them beyond their striking beauty, you see that there is no apparent lid and seemingly no way to open them. However, careful investigation reveals that its surface has several movable pieces. The fits are incredibly precise, but you can slide them in various sequences. Unless an exact series of moves is made however, the box will not open. This sequence and the number of steps required to solve the box is as designed by the craftsman f...

The Cruiser
Date Added: Sunday 08 December, 2013 : Level 2
A simple seeming four piece puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin. All you need to do is fit all four pieces in the rectangular space. You always feel like you're about to solve this one! The puzzle pieces are each made from 1/4" hardwoods and the base is 2 layers of floorboard and measures about 5 1/2" x 3 1/3" x 3/5". Very durable and looks great on a coffee table or desk! Puzzle Name: The Cruiser Difficulty Level: 2 about difficulty...

Puzzle Pro Gift Set III
Date Added: Sunday 08 December, 2013 : Level 3
This is a premium set of wooden puzzles in an attractive box with cover. This puzzle gift set contains the Haselgrove Box, Wood Knott Try This, and a Shipper's Dilemma Z. Rank 4 and 5 in difficulty and slightly harder overall than the puzzles in our Puzzle Pro Gift Set I, a great gift for someone who enjoys challenging puzzles! Puzzle Name: Puzzle Pro Gift Set III Difficulty Level: 4 and 5 about difficulty ...

Pinwheel Puzzle
  $24.95 $19.96
Date Added: Sunday 08 December, 2013 : Level 4
2 Puzzles in one! This beautiful puzzle made from a variety of hardwoods has 2 puzzles to solve. Add up just the rings to 15, or add up the rings and the outer edges to 20. These puzzle will come in a different woods including varieties of Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Ash, and Birch. Each one is unique. Puzzle Name: Pinwheel Puzzle Difficulty Level: 2 or 4 about difficulty ...

Cross Sticks Trick Puzzle
Date Added: Thursday 28 November, 2013 : Level 2
A terrific desk, coffee table, or waiting room puzzle,everybody will want to try to untangle the Cross Sticks. Few will actually solve it, however. Can you take the ring off the X? Ingenious and fun, with practice you’ll be able to solve this puzzle in seconds; often right in front of people’s eyes without them knowing how you did it! Shapes and sizes may vary slightly. May come with rounded or square ends. Puzzle Name: Cross Sticks Difficulty Level: 2 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 3 about sizes ...

Date Added: Thursday 28 November, 2013 : Level 4
Similar to our Wine Barrels in concept. Comes apart into 12 pieces and is quite difficult to get back together. Uses a slide and interlock system that will hold the ball securely in place when assembled. Puzzle Name: Baseball Difficulty Level: 4 about difficulty Approximate Size:2 3/4" Sphereabout sizes ...
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