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Victory Cube Puzzle
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Soccer Goal
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 4
The object of this puzzle is to slide the pieces around until the piece that is capturing the ball moves to the front. When arranged correctly, the ball will then roll down the hole built into the puzzle and out the front! Soccer scenes have been stamped onto the pieces. We provide a solution sheet that details each of the 120 steps required to solve it. Travels well, including a wood cover that fits over the top so you can pick up where you left off. Puzzle Name: Soccer Goal Difficulty Level: 4 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4.75 x 4 x 1.25 about sizes Check out these other great travel items: Cathedral Travel Game Dizzy Marble Maze Great Escape Lost Marble Magic Dice Shapeshifter 27 Snake Keychain Twist and Shout ...

Burr 18 Piece #2
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 5
One of the toughest we have. Unlike most other burr puzzles, this one doesn't have an easily removable keystone piece. To remove just the first piece take four moves! Easily a 5+ in difficulty! Puzzle Name: Burr 18 Piece #2 Difficulty Level: 5 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4 x 4 x 4 about sizes Check out our other Burr puzzles: All Star Burr Dragon Burr Would Not Wood Knott Wood Knott Try This ...

Pyramid Cage Medium
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 1
Constructed with the utmost care, this puzzle looks great on a desk or coffee table as well as being fun to solve. The object is to free the pyramid from the cage. Remember those old geometry lessons and you just may be able to release it! Puzzle Name: Pyramid Cage Difficulty Level: 1 about difficulty Approximate Size: 2.75" x 2.75" x 2.75" about sizes ...

Stick It Box Puzzle
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 4
The Stick It Box is a very fun puzzle... Designed by Tom Lensch this puzzle is a lot like one of our Burr puzzles, except it is entirely enclosed, so not only do you have to put together the burr, but have to reform the box while doing it! Looks so simple when assembled, but can be tough to solve once you've gotten it apart. Puzzle Name: Stick It Box Difficulty Level: 4 about difficulty Approximate Size:3" Cubeabout sizes ...

Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 5
This one is TOUGH! Blockhead is a puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin. Seven pieces form this cube which can be frustratingly difficult to just take apart, let alone reassemble. The tight fits on this puzzle make it even more challenging. It'll make you feel like a total blockhead! Puzzle Name: Blockhead Difficulty Level: 5 about difficulty Approximate Size:2.5" Cubeabout sizes ...

Four T's Puzzle in tray
Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013 : Level 2
Can you get the four T’s back in the box? This version comes in a nice looking tray that would be great for a desk or coffee table! Puzzle Name: Four T Difficulty Level: 2 about difficulty ...

Soma Cube Puzzle Medium
Date Added: Sunday 18 November, 2012 : Level 3
Seven pieces, all different, will form a cube in 240 unique ways. In addition, there are many other shapes that are generally more difficult to solve than the cubes. Our instruction sheets include 60 3-D shapes to be made (with solutions), along with recommended websites that are dedicated to this puzzle that will give you many more shapes, math theory, history and more. The Soma Cube was invented by Danish mathematician Piet Hein in 1930's. There's a debate over the exact year the Soma Cube came into existence. Thorlief's Soma Page goes into great detail concerning Soma Cube history. It will develop spatial relationship skills in all ages. You start to be able to visualize the relationship of the piece in your hand to the available space in the puzzle in your mind. We h...

Shipper's Dilemma "Y"
Date Added: Sunday 18 November, 2012 : Level 5
There are 25 Y shaped pieces to this puzzle. Your assignment is to pack them all into a perfect cube that will fit within the base and cover of the box. Only master packers will be able to solve this one. Originally called Conway’s Packing Box, it was developed by a Cambridge University Mathematician who said it is nearly impossible to do by randomly trying to fit the pieces. The solution requires intense analytical skills. Mathematicians and engineers will love it. It includes a brilliant step by step presentation of the analytical process required to solve this puzzle by Mike Czerwinski. Want to check out our other Shipper's Dilemma Puzzles? CLICK HERE! Puzzle Name: Shipper's Dilemma Y Difficulty Level: 5 about difficulty Approximate Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 about ...

3 Puzzle Challenge Gift Set
  $49.95 $44.95
Date Added: Saturday 17 November, 2012 :
This is a premium set of difficult puzzles that come in an attractive wood box with a cover. This set contains a King Snake, a Nightmare Box, and a Crazy 6 Cube. The Snake Medium, Nightmare Box and Crazy 6 Cube are some of the best selling difficult puzzles. The nightmare box included in this puzzle gift set is one color. There is an easier 3 puzzle gift set if you'd rather take it easy. The 3 Puzzle Soma Gift Set gives you the opportunity to solve three classic puzzles; the Soma Cube, the Snake Medium,and the Diamond Cube. We also have a Six Puzzle Gift Set, which has some small versions of the Snake, the Diamond Cube, the Star, and the Moon Cage, along with two puzzles exclusive to it, Small Pagoda, and Cross Lock. Puzzle Name: 3 Puzzle Challenge Gift Set Diffi...

Color Match Wheels Puzzle
Date Added: Saturday 17 November, 2012 : Level 4
Try to align the wheels in such a way that each adjacent dot is the same color. Quite difficult, this high quality puzzle also comes with a wood cover. Puzzle Name: Color Match Wheels Difficulty Level: 4 about difficulty Approximate Size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.25 about sizes ...
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